About Us

Our Story

Back in 2020, we started asking ourselves a straightforward question that might later become our mission: Why is it still difficult to hire an honest and skilled plumber? An excellent carpenter? Or any reliable professional? Within the era of an instant-everything, you should not have to struggle, waste time researching a pro, calling and comparing pros by yourself, waste money and resources to redo what was supposed to be done once by a pro. Therefore we set out to make it easier. In the near future, innumerable customers should be able to use MosalaPro technology to search out and hire professionals around the African continent.

What We Do

Helping mechanicians, painters, personal trainers, dance teachers, entrepreneurs who take what they are great at and turn it into something greater. Busy Moms, customers, homeowners, parents, folks with massive plans and even larger to-do-lists, who need some facilitate getting them done. 

Our Vision

At MosalaPro, we’re building more than a project. We’re building local economies and stronger communities. Leveling the playing field so that the tiniest business has a greater chance of success.
MosalaPro is about skill, hustle, and the victory of getting things done – not what you look like, who you’re keen on, or what you believe in. MosalaPro is for everyone.
It’s a privilege to be a tech company. however in the long run we aim to become a people company, not only a tech business. Its heart lies in each suburb, city, and town throughout Africa. Individuals helping their next-door neighbors. Busy families hiring family businesses. This could be what the future looks like. And we’re building it together.  

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